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Spontaneity, Creativity and The School Holidays

This week has presented all sorts of challenges and while I’m feeling bone crunchingly tired from a persistent bout of insomnia, I’m feeling pretty good. Yesterday after school I took the boys down to Brighton Beach and used the right … Continue reading

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Tiredness and Creativity

This week I’m tired. The insomnia is killing me. Big decisions being made and so many things to think about. Busy work and busy training at PANDA. This means I have no energy to blog or do much else really. … Continue reading

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I love spelling and grammar, but I reckon I’ve spelt the word spontaneity about 15 different times since last night… Anyway, I completed the first week of my Finding Your Direction eCourse last night. It took a few hours because … Continue reading

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The Giving Bowl

I promise that this blog is not all about spruiking the things others sell but I loved this concept so much that I had to buy one and share it with you. It’s called The Giving Bowl and it’s a … Continue reading

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A few months ago I came across a TED Talk by BrenĂ© Brown on the power of vulnerability. I spent a few (many) minutes trying to break down what the talk was about but was having trouble, so I’ve just … Continue reading

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Finding Your Direction

I was going to write about how I was feeling less than spiritual yesterday afternoon after hearing something from one of my kids which annoyed me – he didn’t say something to annoy me, but something happened to him which … Continue reading

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Creating memories for our kids

I don’t remember too much from my childhood – that happens as you creep into your mid 40s, however one of the fondest (you also say fondest when you’re creeping into your mid 40s) memories involves playing in the street … Continue reading

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