The Giving Bowl

Our Giving Bowl

I promise that this blog is not all about spruiking the things others sell but I loved this concept so much that I had to buy one and share it with you.

It’s called The Giving Bowl and it’s a very simple idea. You place the spare change you find around the house / in your pocket / wherever, in the bowl and when it’s full you donate it to charity. Very cool. The proceeds from my purchase of The Giving Bowl go to disadvantaged kids in Indonesia.

Mitch loves the idea. He’s found all his change and put it in the bowl. Dan, not so much but I’m working on him. Anth said something like “what about us, we’re not exactly rolling in it” (I mean, this from an optimist!) And I said something to the effect of  “hang on, we have a roof over our heads, we eat well, we go on plenty of holidays…” (and this from a pessimist!) And he agreed. Of course, because I’m always right. Cough.

The swear bowl (container)

Then there’s my giving bowl. It’s not so charitable. You may have read my post about The Family Meeting. Well, in that meeting it was decided that if I swore (and the kids heard me) then I’d have to donate 50c each time and at the end of every Monday they’d get half each. This was a really STUPID idea because unfortunately I’m a shocking swearer. Fuck it. Geez, it’s so hard NOT to swear when some idiot pulls out in front of you or the kids don’t stay in bed when they’re supposed to. Or is it just me? Usually it’s only the S. H. word (as Dan describes it). I’m thinking that the S. H. word shouldn’t be a swear word anyway.

So, back to the lovely Giving Bowl, I’ll let you know when the bowl is full and who we donate the money to.

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2 Responses to The Giving Bowl

  1. Liz Dowd says:

    Sadly I am a big dropper of the F bomb. Its just such a perfect word. I think the giving bowl might help.

  2. This cracked me up Lisa. Sometimes there’s just nothing that says it better than a swear word. It’s worth the 50c I reckon. Shame about the role modelling for your kids but look, you’re doing great things in other ways and you’re allowed to not be perfect.

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