Anth, Mitch and Dan jumping from a pontoon at Grace Town in Margaret River

I love spelling and grammar, but I reckon I’ve spelt the word spontaneity about 15 different times since last night…

Anyway, I completed the first week of my Finding Your Direction eCourse last night. It took a few hours because there were a couple of podcasts I needed to listen to but I couldn’t stop once I’d started. So yet another late night!

One of the things I was asked to do was list some of the things I loved doing as a child, a teenager and a young adult. This was a really interesting exercise as it allowed me to close my eyes and cast my mind back a looooooong time in some cases. Of course there was the playing on the street with neighbours as a young child and early teenage years which I mentioned in an earlier post but another theme which came up time and time again was doing things on the spur of the moment. Like: weekends away, a hot chocolate with friends, an unplanned night out on the grog (when I used to drink…more), a trip to the local pool or beach as a teenager without having to pack the bloody food, drink and beach toys, etc, that we seem to pack now…we just went hungry or bought it.

These days, there’s little spontaneity in my life. I’m stuck in this area because to me spontaneity and freedom go hand in hand and one of the things that can (does) disappear when you have children is the ability to live spontaneously. Everything has to be planned. It’s so tedious, I find it draining. Still to this day I find it draining, even though my kids are at school. Told you I was stuck. I have to go away for work on Sunday and Monday – let’s just say there’ll be lists involved. No just going, oh no, there’ll be lists. Obviously I don’t want to do away with my kids so perhaps I have a responsibility issue, as in lack of it.

I was trying to explain it to Anthony last night and he said “but you never want to do anything spontaneous”. And I said “when have I never wanted to do anything spontaneous?” I’m not even going to bother you with his reply, suffice to say the words “bonk” and “trampoline” were involved. I mean, it wasn’t even our trampoline (hi Shannah)!! Men, they’re so silly.

Back to the eCourse. Right at the very end, I had to name 3 things I will do this week. One of them is to do a spontaneous act each day, no matter how small. I can guarantee you that “bonk” and “trampoline” won’t be one of them…probably because we don’t have a trampoline…

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4 Responses to Spontaneity

  1. Shannah says:

    Oh my god! Did you bonk on our trampoline?????? Have you no shame? Good for you….

  2. Nicole Hall says:

    Thank god there’s a hole in my trampoline, so I’m off the hook, maybe I should question how it REALLY got there! The Halls are very spontaneous and this is one thing that frustrates me about Mick, I need a plan! Keep the blogs coming……love them x

    • Lisa says:

      Too funny Nic. I could imagine Michael would be spontaneous! Anth isn’t so much but that comes from his cruisy nature I think. He’s happy either way methinks.

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