Tiredness and Creativity

This week I’m tired. The insomnia is killing me. Big decisions being made and so many things to think about. Busy work and busy training at PANDA. This means I have no energy to blog or do much else really. But I am still focused on my Finding Your Direction eCourse. It keeps me grounded. This week it’s about Mindfulness and Creativity. Two words which I probably don’t have too much of an affinity with! But actually, creativity doesn’t mean sitting down and drawing, it’s about using the right side of your brain – a side of my brain which doesn’t get much use. I think it’s a bit stale.

So today after school, I’m taking the boys for a quick trip to Brighton Beach where the beach houses are and I’m going to take a zillion photos. It’s a beautiful day and I think this will energise the three of us.

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