Spontaneity, Creativity and The School Holidays

Dan and Mitch at Brighton Beach on a gorgeous autumn afternoon

This week has presented all sorts of challenges and while I’m feeling bone crunchingly tired from a persistent bout of insomnia, I’m feeling pretty good. Yesterday after school I took the boys down to Brighton Beach and used the right side of my brain – as instructed in the Finding Your Direction eCourse I’m doing at the moment. This involved taking a zillion photos of them and our surroundings which was a lot of fun. But, you know, I never would have done this normally.

One of the things which caught my eye when we were there was a family with 3 boys. The two youngest were around 5 and 3. They were doing as any boys (and I suppose girls) do when they’re at the beach, running around and having fun. But the oldest child was lying with his dad on a towel. As it turns out, he was disabled and when the family left, he was lifted lovingly into his wheelchair and wheeled across the sand and up to the car park.

It’s moments like these that can give you a gentle slap across the face. I also had a conversation with an old friend last night who is going through a heartbreaking separation and every time I think of her, I remember how bloody lucky I am. But I also know that she’s one of the most resilient people I have ever met and while this is testing that resilience, I know she will survive and thrive.

These gentle slaps don’t stop the fear and anxiety I feel when the dreaded school holidays approach! This morning the boys were playing soccer up and down the hallway with a beach ball. Of course they were. Usually I say to myself “it’s okay Lise, they’ll be at school soon”. Can’t say that next week…or the week after. I’m such a sucker for peace and quiet. But then a picture of the mum and dad lifting their beautiful son into his wheelchair flittered across my mind and that gentle slap bought me to my senses. Yep, it’s going to be madness but I’ll manage. I’ll just eat more chocolate covered teddy bear biscuits. Easy.

Here’s a link to the photos I took on Thursday after school. It was such an amazing hour which involved spontaneity, Mr Whippy icecream and creativity. I’m going to do more of it.


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2 Responses to Spontaneity, Creativity and The School Holidays

  1. Shannah says:

    Oh Lisa. Call me…have found cure for insomnia. Feel human again. The photos are gorgeous…never know…that can be added to your new writing career! Photography….so peaceful.
    Your peace and quiet loving friend. Shannah x

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Shannah, will definitely call you as my insomnia hasn’t abated. Enjoy the school holidays 🙂

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