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Challenging pessimism

I’m an off-the-scale pessimist. I know this because I did a test years ago from a book by Martin Seligman called Learned Optimism. Though I probably don’t need a test to tell me that. These days I try hard to … Continue reading

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The Future

I’ve never been able to envisage the future. Geez, I even struggle to figure out what to eat for the next two nights. If I closed my eyes to think about my future and what it might look like, the … Continue reading

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Years ago I was introduced to the concept of values. It was when Mitch was about 14 months old and I’d recovered somewhat from my high anxiety and probable PND but there was still something niggling at me, something not … Continue reading

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Making small changes

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making some changes in my life, both mental and otherwise. Some have involved a little heartache and stress, others have been easy but all have ultimately left me feeling a little freer; lighter. … Continue reading

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Being liked

I won a prize a couple of months ago – it was a little tin with cards in them called ‘cope well: everyday relief from mixed emotions’. After cleaning my office on Saturday (sooooooooooooooo overdue) I came across them again … Continue reading

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Limiting Beliefs

I may have mentioned I’m doing a Finding Your Direction eCourse 🙂 This week part of the focus of the eCourse is limiting beliefs and self sabotage. I’m very good friends with these two. They have a hold on me … Continue reading

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A Crap Post

It’s 11pm and I should be in bed but it was one of those days. One of those days where I didn’t want to be around my children. Where I felt my energy being sucked from me through incessant want, … Continue reading

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