Limiting Beliefs

I may have mentioned I’m doing a Finding Your Direction eCourse 🙂 This week part of the focus of the eCourse is limiting beliefs and self sabotage. I’m very good friends with these two. They have a hold on me which is both frustrating and long standing.

I seriously admire people who know what they want – and this can evolve of course – and do all they can to achieve it, no matter what it is. And they LOVE doing it. A friend of mine, Jen, and her business partner, Deb, from The Service Spirit work with leaders (at any level) and provide them with tools and strategies to get the best out of themselves and their teams. The feedback they receive from course participants is always positive and without exception their passion for the work they do shines through to these participants and is always commented on.

Another friend, Fi, started The Wall Sticker Company painting in the shed of her home. Now her business is thriving and she loves it and has a passion for it and nothing has held her back. I mean for goodness sakes, she was a midwife! She had no formal training in running a creative business, it evolved through passion, hard work and a belief that she (and her business partner) could achieve their goal.  They won the Victorian Telstra Business Award for a micro business last year. It’s such a fascinating story.

Obviously the theme through both of these stories is that while they may have had limiting beliefs, they have worked through them and now run very successful businesses.

As for me, I seem to take the safe option. Sure, I have a small PA business but it’s not really a passion of mine. I enjoy what I do and I love my clients but PA work is what I’ve always done so it’s easy, flexible and most of all safe. Yawn.

However, since having kids – and this is an idea which has been fuzzy – I’ve wanted to do something about helping first time mums with high anxiety, PND or transition to motherhood difficulties. A few years ago it was writing a book. I gathered tonnes of stories (birth story, emotional wellbeing, division of housework, sex after having a baby, etc) through a survey I put out there but in the end I didn’t really know how to put it together. Perhaps one day I’ll make it into an eBook. But what I’d really love to do is study counselling and open a practice whose main focus is counselling first time mums. I can even visualise the office I would work out of. It’s an office in my own home but it’s not the granny pad I’m living in now! The office is light, welcoming, some toys around for the babies, a beautiful soft chair for the mum to sit, relax, talk and be heard. I get a small dose of this with my voluntary work with PANDA but I’d like to do more.

But yep, those limiting beliefs have a power over me which are just like the Berlin Wall when it existed. Lack of time, money and a nice space to study in. Busy with kids, housework, work. Who do I think I am, am I smart enough, blah blah blah. It just seems easier to do what I’m doing now.

But is it? When I think of the end goal: the beautiful welcoming space and the mums who finally feel heard, my heart feels a buzz and I feel excited by this possibility. Through completing week 3 of the course I’ve identified a few areas which will help me achieve that goal. I’ll be working on one this week…creating a nice space to study. Look out office, you’re in for a makeover! And who would ever have thought the Berlin Wall would come down?

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3 Responses to Limiting Beliefs

  1. Vicki says:

    Awesome Lisa…..well done. I can identify with the Berlin wall. I have a city full of them!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks Vicstar. It’s interesting reading the forum for the course I’m doing (and I’m sorry to bang on about it but it’s opened my eyes and motivated me!) So many people have limiting beliefs and they’re all different. Such a waste of energy really. Imagine what we could be doing!

  3. Deb Pascoe says:

    Lise, this one brought tears to my eyes. You so have to make this vision happen. It is beautiful. I also really, really want to see some sort of book re the stories you collected – can you the publication of a book in your vision? Once published in any form it becomes very powerful marketing/ client generating for your new business.

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