Being liked

I won a prize a couple of months ago – it was a little tin with cards in them called ‘cope well: everyday relief from mixed emotions’. After cleaning my office on Saturday (sooooooooooooooo overdue) I came across them again so I thought I’d pick one card every day and let my thoughts wander – which is not a stretch for me really because my mind does tend to wander. Oh look shiny thing (I have no idea where Mitch gets his distracted ways from). Where was I? Oh…

Today’s card was: I accept that not everyone will like me; however, I am liked by some people and that is okay.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to be liked but it was interesting to pull this card out first because over the school holidays I texted and called a couple of mums (one I know fairly well, the other I don’t really know at all) to catch up or for one of my kids to catch up with their kid and I never got a reply. Now there could be a billion reasons for this: text didn’t go through, they were away on holidays, etc, etc, but I had moments of “gee, aren’t I good enough to catch up with, or isn’t my kid good enough to kick a footy with?” Seriously, these are just destructive thoughts but I still have them. It’s the pessimist and lacking self-confidence in me. So annoying. You people out there who don’t ‘suffer’ from this can count yourselves lucky! I reckon Anth is one of those people.

But, you know, during the holidays I caught up with some amazing friends who, er, LIKE me. Either that, or they’re good actors. And they more than make up for those who don’t. And I really treasure them…more than they know.

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4 Responses to Being liked

  1. I can relate to this one Lisa for sure, except sometimes I don’t even get up the courage to text – I convince myself that they won’t want too, or they are too busy. Destructive thoughts that I am trying hard to change. But I too have friends that actually do want to catch up so maybe all is not as bad as it seems 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      I hear you J. Usually I tell myself and I also tell my kids “what’s the worst that could happen, they could say no – big deal”. But I was particularly fragile last week so it was exacerbated. Sigh.

  2. Niki says:

    Lessey lou, Your are the next Carey Bradshaw. I am sure your dedicated blog readers would agree
    that you are destined for bigger things

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