Making small changes

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making some changes in my life, both mental and otherwise. Some have involved a little heartache and stress, others have been easy but all have ultimately left me feeling a little freer; lighter.

One change I’ve made is deciding to have a day off a week. I’ve been working part time for 5 days a week since Dan started school 2 and a bit years ago. However I was (am) pretty disorganised and often fly by the seat of my pants (what DOES that mean? Anyone? Bueller?) Some days at 2pm I’d think “shit, I’ve got nothing for dinner” or “gawd, I’ve got to clean that bloody bathroom”. I can’t remember how it came to me – there’s a shock – but I thought why don’t I have one day off to do all those things: clean the house properly, supermarket shop, clean out my car, have a cuppa with friends, etc, etc. So I’ve designated Wednesdays as my “day off”. I figure that I’ll still work the same amount of hours but I’ll be working smarter and I’ll be able to breathe easier. I’ll be able to concentrate fully on work on the other 3.5 days. Another half day is spent doing my vol work for PANDA.

So I started that day off this week. I went for a run, cleaned, vacuumed, supermarket shopped, blah blah and it was GREAT. I know that cleaning and supermarket shopping isn’t everyone’s ideal day off but it’s this stuff that was hanging over my head and becoming a real burden. Not many mums I know with school age kids work 5 days a week and it’s difficult to fit this stuff in after school because the kids are around and most of the time you’re driving them to whatever training they have on.

I did have a few sneaky ‘why should I be able to make these changes?’ thoughts. I’m trying to wean myself off these limiting, crappo thoughts. I like my life being simplified; I operate better, it’s that simple AND it’s better for my family. I know people who are the opposite; they thrive on chaos or even busyness, where every moment is filled. And I’m almost there in not comparing myself to them. I’m loving these changes and they come with almost no guilt at all. Go me.

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4 Responses to Making small changes

  1. It’s so refreshing to know that I’m not the only one who flies by the seat of their pants. I need to do the same. Go you for sure.

  2. Yeah, go you! And thrilled to see you have a blog going! I’ve only just spied it. I love your writing and the way you say things as they are. 🙂

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