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Things they didn’t tell you about parenting

Once upon a time back in about 2005 I wanted to write a book about motherhood. I collected dozens and dozens of stories from women all around Australia about their expectations of motherhood, their birth stories, how it was for … Continue reading

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And a love letter to my littlest one

Awwww Dan, you spunky little thing. The happiest day of my life was when you were born – knowing you were healthy and you were the last kid I’d ever have to push out. Ahhhh. So I’ve already written a … Continue reading

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It takes a village…

I have no time for this mummy wars bizzo. No time. Even those two words want to make me throw up. No doubt there’s judgement going on because that’s what we do (don’t we?!) but that happens in all facets … Continue reading

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A love letter to my son

Dear Mitch, What a ride this past ten and a bit years has been. From a fairly smooth pregnancy (we did think we were going to lose you when I was 5 weeks pregnant) to now, there is so much … Continue reading

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So at the moment I’m lacking a bit in motivation. I have a million things that need doing but I only seem capable of doing a few of them. Mind you, they’re pretty boring things. If I had to plan … Continue reading

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Blog theme change & guest post on my blog?

Howdy all. Well you know what they* say, change is as good as a holiday…and we all know how much I love a holiday. I wanted my blog to be easier to read and the theme I had previously was … Continue reading

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Am I a fraud?

Last night I finally finished the Finding Your Direction eCourse I’ve mentioned previously. One of the exercises I did was create a montage of my personal manifesto (philosophy), taking into account my vision for the future. It was fun and … Continue reading

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