Love the one you’re with…

…or be respectful if you choose not to be with them.

This is one of those posts you write when you’re feeling a bit under the weather and you’re a little bit tired.

One of my dear friends is auctioning her house on Saturday. It’s not her choice to sell it but the result of her husband of many, many years coming home one night last year and announcing he didn’t want to be married any more. My friend is not naive. We, her friends, are not naive. But no-one saw this coming and it’s been devastating for her in so many ways.

Of course there’s two sides to every story. Except I don’t know what his is. I know hers though. She is the most resilient person I know but she has been through the wringer and it’s a lonely experience. We can be there for her but we can’t actually live it, as much as we’d like to take that pain away.

So, while I get that relationships can be messy. While I get that there will be times you may want to run away from/stab/ignore the person you’re with. While I get that if you have kids life can truly be a game of just getting through the day til you can have that glass of wine. While I get that if you don’t have kids life can truly be a game of just getting through the day til you can have that glass of wine, please take a look at your partner – just for a moment – and just…I don’t know…I can’t even think of any words that don’t sound corny and stupid and naive and dumb. Sigh.

You know, there is not one day that goes past that I’m not grateful for my relationship with Anth. I want to do all the things I mentioned above – run away from/stab/ignore the relationship – but NOT ONE DAY goes past where I’m not grateful for his love and his ability to make everything just seem okay. It’s quite a talent. I bloody love that man.

I’m not delusional. I know crap happens and I wouldn’t recommend anyone stay in a relationship that is emotionally or physically damaging, but if you do leave, then at least respect the person and keep it as nice as possible. Because I’ve seen it go the other way and it’s so friggen sad.

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