Doing it all and doing it easily

No it doesn’t!

It was a busy weekend and I felt crook so I was rapt that I could lie on the couch in my pjs – finally – at about 9pm on Sunday night to read the paper. I came across a column in the Sunday Life mag by Chrissie Swan (this isn’t about Chrissie Swan, I know next to nothing about her except what I read from time to time in her columns). It was along the lines of it’s okay to ask for help when you’re a working mum (or a stay at home mum) and about the reasons why she has a nanny and a cleaner, etc. I totally agree with her about the asking for help thing, but one part of her column struck me where she says “Why am I even justifying it to you? I’m justifying it because we are supposed to be doing it all and doing it easily“.

Err, who is saying we’re supposed to be doing it all and doing it easily?? No-one I know says that (out loud). Any mum who has worked while raising kids knows it’s not easy. So who is saying this? I’m not sure anyone is really. And if you do know someone who says this, point them my way!

The only thing I can think of is that some women may SEEM as if they’re doing it all and doing it easily. But don’t believe what you think you see – they’re probably hooked on alcohol and secretly online gambling all their cash away… 🙂

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2 Responses to Doing it all and doing it easily

  1. As a mum actually doing it all – I’m telling you it aint easy – but there are some days that are a tad easier than others that’s all…… I think the thing to learn about this article is just to ignore other people’s views on motherhood – you do what you can, some do it with help some don’t, some have money to make it easier – some struggle to raise their kids. Some cook, some don’t. Fact is a mum is a mum – its a 24/7 commitment – and the thing is this…. kids will love their mum no matter what – even when they yell at you “I hate you”
    … a mum you know the next morning they will still come for that hug!

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