I’ve had this crazy idea in the back of my mind that I’d like my blog to be widely read, loved by all and be soooooo popular! In fact, I put it in my 10 year vision (I mean, we can’t rush these things…) A friend of mine says I should be writing for magazines or newspapers!!! When I scoff at her, she tells me that I have no confidence, never have, and all that. But I actually have no desire to be an actual writer – I just want to put my jumbled thoughts on ‘paper’. I don’t LOVE anything like food, craft, animals, sadism, etc,  to blog about so I just crap on about stuff that I’m no expert on!

But I kind of like writing in my rambling, going absolutely nowhere style. So many thoughts, even tiny minute ones, are flowing through my mind at any one moment. Is everyone like that? I’ve already had a dozen conversations with Anthony before he’s even arrived home from work. Issue sorted. In fact, it gets to the point where I think I HAVE had the conversation with him and there’s times when he looks at me as if I’m making stuff up. And I say “but we talked about this” but apparently WE haven’t, I have.

So back to the popular blog thing. I’ve only been doing this for about three months now but in those three months I’ve been reading other blogs and they’re so fucking interesting. Seriously, I could spend hours upon hours reading blogs. And I think, hmmm my life is not that interesting really. No past history of alcohol abuse (except that time when…oh, it doesn’t matter), my mum and dad are still together (in their fashion), Anth’s mum and dad are still together, no drugs (except that time when…I’ll just mention Coco Pops and a couple of my friends will snort tea out their noses. Hey, we were in high school, don’t judge us and no, we didn’t smoke Coco Pops). There was that small matter of being married and divorced in the blink of an eye. But other than that, nothing. I have no interest in selling stuff on my blog or having a sponsored post. I just want to be read far and wide and for people to say “fuck I can resonate with that” or if you’re not a sweary person “oh gee, I can relate to that”.

Which brings me to an award which was handed out today. It was The Best Australian Blogs 2012 award which was an initiative by the Sydney Writers’ Centre. It was won by a blogger called Eden Riley. Eden has a background completely different to mine so I wonder whether my quite conventional, some would say boring, life precludes me from being able to write stuff that’s interesting to a wider audience?

It’s weird though, because I’ve never wanted to be popular. That’s way too much pressure right there. Always having to be ‘up’ for people, the expectations would be enormous. Ewwwww. So what’s my motivation?? I actually have no idea. None.

So I’m going to go to a two day blogging training event in October run by a guy called Darren Rowse who has a website called ProBlogger. It’s geared more towards making money from your blog, which is not my motivation, but it could be interesting nonetheless. Who knows, in two years time, I could be winning Australia’s Best Blog. Yeah nah.

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