Road to nowhere. Somewhere along the Nullarbor(ing), January 2012

So at the moment I’m lacking a bit in motivation. I have a million things that need doing but I only seem capable of doing a few of them. Mind you, they’re pretty boring things. If I had to plan a holiday I’d be motivated. Nah, this is just your every day, garden variety, it’s heading towards winter, not eating properly, not exercising or sleeping enough lack of motivation. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s there.

So what to do? Well, I just ate two Safeway chocolate chip cookies, so that’s a start…(you may snort but have you tasted them????)

The thing is, we all know that the opposite of everything I listed above is what helps motivate us: exercise, eating properly, sleeping well, etc, but I just can’t resist those bloody cookies. One thing I know that motivates me is having a deadline – sheer panic is a good motivator. I.e. better clean the toilet because someone’s coming to visit; better get to the supermarket because, you know, kids like to eat and I’ve run out of cookies. But it’s probably not a tactic I should use on an ongoing basis.

I think what I’ll do is do a quick clean up, cook dinner and then head off to my running group. After that I’ll watch Offspring, drink a cup of tea, eat my chocolate covered teddies and then write a list of what needs to be done and put them in order of priority. Boring, but very effective.

Thankfully, my lack of motivation is never ongoing so I know I’ll be back on track soon. Is it just me? Does the thought of winter de-motivate you? How do you stay motivated?

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2 Responses to Motivation

  1. Deb says:

    Hi sweetie…. I keep motivated purely because there’s no choice with 3 little hitlers to service! Ha ha ha

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