And a love letter to my littlest one

Your first game of footy – April 2012. Clearly no need for a mouthguard yet.

Awwww Dan, you spunky little thing. The happiest day of my life was when you were born – knowing you were healthy and you were the last kid I’d ever have to push out. Ahhhh.

So I’ve already written a love letter to your big brother but in honour of your 8th birthday today, here’s some things I love about you:

  • Your hair when it’s long and fluffy.
  • Just like your big brother loves you, you love your big brother. The tears when he was going on camp on Monday tugged at the heartstrings. Dad and I are very lucky how much you love each other because believe me, it’s not always the case with siblings.
  • Your memory. You remember the most obscure things which is amazing because I can barely remember yesterday.
  • You’re a little quiet achiever. Given you walked and talked late, we just let the state of play happen. You’ve really come along in leaps and bounds and we’re so proud of you.
  • Your willingness to help out. Though, putting your clothes away and picking a few of YOUR things off the floor doesn’t mean you’ve done “everything” you know.
  • Your love of a party. I sense you may be an introvert, I’m not sure yet, but gee you love a party and going out for dinner! You’re at your happiest when amongst friends – your face lights up and your toothless smile is to die for.
  • Your stillness. I know that sounds weird but if there’s too much movement around me in the home I tend not to cope! You can sit on the couch and watch football with me and not move. It’s the small things.
  • Your fine little features, especially when they’re relaxed when you’re asleep. I could seriously stare at you for hours.

But most of all? Your sensitivity. Oh my goodness. You are so sensitive, it makes my heart ache and melt. In a lot of ways, you’re just like me (sorry about that one); you take things to heart and you really FEEL things, good and bad. When it’s good you get so excited, when it’s bad or even just mildly bad you think the world hates you and you’re inconsolable. It doesn’t you know, who could hate you, you’re just a beautiful, sensitive little soul.

So to you Daniel, happy 8th birthday, my little crazy, loving, cuddly, sensitive boy.

Love Mum xx

A quick cuddle before Mitch heads off to camp. 28 May 2012.

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3 Responses to And a love letter to my littlest one

  1. Dr Melanie Strang says:

    Beautiful again Lisa….gave me gose pimples! ..And I love how you see his sensitivity as something to be celebrated!

  2. Whitney Philpot says:

    how beautiful…. you’re an amazing mum xxx

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