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The Thing About Anthony

Last week, Anthony came home with flowers for me. I’d had a little cry over the phone to him that day and so it was just so lovely of him to make such a kind gesture. These things can go … Continue reading

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Parenting Fail Moment (or two)

Language warning… So today, one of Mitch’s friends is having a going away party. We received a note probably a week ago which asked each kid to bring a plate. Naturally, I made a mad dash to the bakery on … Continue reading

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Chicks with big arses

Saw this tweet on Twitter: They should bring out Special Edition Black Caviar Jeans for chicks with big arses. So I was going to fire back: Great idea – and while they’re at it, perhaps they can make one for … Continue reading

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Ho Hum Part 2

Last night I published a post about my life being ho hum and how it seemed that so many other people were achieving and I asked for suggestions on what I could do to get out of this funk. Here’s … Continue reading

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Ho Hum

Is it just me or is this time of year ho hum? I’m feeling pretty good about life but it’s all just a bit…errr…ho hum. Others seem to be having so much more fun than me: women bloggers and women … Continue reading

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Waiting for the day

Anth has to go away for 3 days next week. This isn’t a usual occurrence. He has to go to Jeparit – yeah, I don’t know where it is either. But I’m sure it’s an obscure enough place that he … Continue reading

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Comprehending the world we live in

Sometimes I find it hard to comprehend the thoughtlessness, cruelty, meanness, lack of respect, cliquishness, you name it, that we inflict on each other and ourselves. From anonymously sniping at celebrities whose kids eat too many bananas, to wars – … Continue reading

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