Ho Hum

Is it just me or is this time of year ho hum? I’m feeling pretty good about life but it’s all just a bit…errr…ho hum.

Others seem to be having so much more fun than me: women bloggers and women with an online presence having morning tea with the PM, people planning trips overseas, Anth going to Jeparit (maybe not that one), others having weekends away, my lovely client Kate expanding her business The Change Directory, the marvellous Cate Bolt going to Indonesia to set up some workshops for women to manufacture high quality items to import to Australia – honestly, she is AMAZING. But me? I’m doing a lot of nothing much – I can’t even think of anything to blog about. Ho friggen hum.

C’mon everyone, give me some ideas to get out of this funk. The crazier the better. Go.


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One Response to Ho Hum

  1. katejames00 says:

    Thanks for the mention Lisa and for the link to Cate Bolt’s blog. Wow, she’s an amazing woman.

    Something I’ve learned over the years I’ve been in business is that what looks interesting and fun from the outside, isn’t always the same when you’re living it. We usually only see what other people are doing well…not where they struggle.

    My advice for getting out of your funk. Make a plan to be doing what you love and put a timeframe on it – even it it’s a few years away. Then do something every week that moves you in that direction. You’ll feel like you have more of a purpose and it will help make the ho hum days a bit less dull.

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