Ho Hum Part 2

Last night I published a post about my life being ho hum and how it seemed that so many other people were achieving and I asked for suggestions on what I could do to get out of this funk. Here’s what I got: One person had nuthin’ (but I AM looking forward to the meditation retreat Sal – you coming?), another suggested I watch Julie and Julia (not sure what that means Lib!) and yet another said to make it up and see who picks it! I also had a very achievable response from Kate James, who I mentioned in my post last night. Kate says to make a plan to be doing what you love and put a time frame on it. Then do something every week that moves you in that direction. Wise words indeed and one that I know I need to work on because I know exactly where I want to be, I’m just having trouble getting started…I think I need a couple of days away from the home for some serious think time.

Then this was this response from cubbieberry on Twitter.

Thank heavens your life is ok: you’re healthy your kids are healthy, you got a roof / house to keep you warm & food on your table. I would love to trade places w/ your bored ho hum life. am crying now.

Cubbieberry is a fellow Melbournite who I’ve engaged a bit with on Twitter. She also has a Down’s Syndrome baby with cancer receiving treatment at the Royal Children’s Hospital. When I read some of her tweets (and they’re not all negative) I want to reach through the computer/iPhone and fiercely hug her and take her pain away. But I can’t. So, in honour of Cubbieberry, here’s some random things I’m grateful for that make my life okay (aside from the obvious):

  • Our pumping central heating in winter which keeps us warm and cozy
  • Mitch emptying the dishwasher
  • Sleeping in til 9am this morning
  • Going for a run around Braeside park with Anthony and the boys riding their bikes with us
  • My friend Niki for babysitting tonight so Anth and I can go out
  • People reading my blog and taking the time to engage and comment
  • Other blogs. I have an enormous amount of fun reading other blogs and reading books that interest me
  • Starting to notice colours in the world and thinking “that would be an amazing photo”
  • Chocolate
  • Anthony – Every. Single. Day.
  • Places who sell takeaway food
  • Watching football
  • Perving on Ian Somerhalder (that’s him above – phwoooooaaarrrr AND he cares for the environment)

One thing I’ve learned in my 40+ years is that everyone has their funks, their down times and it’s different for everyone. I know many people have it worse off than me and all I can do is try and respond with empathy and compassion. I know I’m really lucky but I also know that I’m a little stuck and it’s up to me to lift myself out of it.

I would love to hear the random things that make your life okay.

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