Parenting Fail Moment (or two)

Language warning…

So today, one of Mitch’s friends is having a going away party. We received a note probably a week ago which asked each kid to bring a plate. Naturally, I made a mad dash to the bakery on the way to school this morning where I bought a couple of cupcakes, a chocolate doughnut and a sensational looking brownie.

I get back in the car. Mitch says “mum, that brownie has nuts on it”. Fuck.

Mad dash back into the bakery for a lamington. Mad dash back out to the car. Of course, we had to be at school by 8.30am for inter-school sport and it’s 8.29am. Fuck.

I cut the aforementioned things up and placed them in a plastic container (I was pretty proud I’d remembered to take a plastic container AND a knife). All good.

Except not. I walk into Mitch’s classroom and there’s plates full of gorgeous cupcakes (made by the friggen kids for god sakes – friggen Masterchef), home made cakes and you name it. And then there’s our plastic container not particularly full of store bought things. It was right there I thought “shoulda bought a packet of chips”. Fuck.

Nelson says it all…

Mitch will probably eat all the things I bought this morning because no-one else will and he’ll love them. My boys think they’re getting the nut covered brownie when they get home from school, except they’re not because I’m in the middle of eating it out of parenting shame. I know it’s not a competition and if it ever was, I’d come last each time because baking ain’t my thing. But I tells ya, it almost made me want to don the apron. Okay, not really. But I did think – well maybe I could get the kids to watch Masterchef (in our room so I don’t have to see such tripe) so they can start cooking for us. WIN.

So it got me thinking, what competition would I win? Well I know most of the names of the AFL players because we watch so much football and football related shows (but not The Footy Show because I do have standards). I can give you a blow by blow description of what’s happening in Revenge and Offspring and I can type fast. Oh yeah, I know, you wanna be an intellectuwool just like me.

To Whitney, Greg, Connor and Gemma – have a blast in Perth. And remember, just a couple of hours south is the beautiful town of Yallingup. Here’s a taste. We’ll miss you. xx

Yallingup shore breaks – awesome

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4 Responses to Parenting Fail Moment (or two)

  1. Sal Stewart says:

    At least you failed in the technical department of baking: I totally screwed up orange duty at soccer. Now that is pathetic…

  2. Anything related to taking food to anything is pretty much guaranteed failure for me. I’m impressed at your effort – that’s miles above what I usually accomplish.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh Robin, I hear you – I once tried to make fried rice without cooking the rice first. But then I just had a peek at your blog and why would you need baking skills when you have your husband and son to make his birthday cake. AWESOME cake!

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