The Thing About Anthony

The flowers Anth bought me

Last week, Anthony came home with flowers for me. I’d had a little cry over the phone to him that day and so it was just so lovely of him to make such a kind gesture. These things can go by the wayside when you’ve been together a long time. And it made me think that I’d already written love letters to our two boys so how about I write this completely sucky post about Anth. It’s sure to be a hit! Cough. So here’s some things I love about Anth:

  • He cooks.
  • His loyalty.
  • He has the patience of a saint when it comes to me. I couldn’t live with me.
  • His lack of interest in gossip. Thank goodness I have good friends to do that with!
  • He’s not a fan of cliques and there’s plenty of them! He will never, ever bend at will to fit in. If he doesn’t fit in, then so be it. He would rather belong than fit in. There’s a big difference between fitting in and belonging – blog post to come!
  • I’ve said it before but damn it, I’m saying it again, he IS the glue that holds this family together. He really looks after us. Sure, I make most of the home decisions but I’m very good at delegating…
  • When he has an opinion, I listen. When I’m undecided about something, like really undecided – and I don’t mean “what the fuck are we going to eat tonight” but serious decisions – I’ll run them past Anth. Yes I know most people do this, but I really like his value system and his unwavering support of me. But if he doesn’t agree, then he doesn’t agree. Which I also love because it means he’s true to his word. Even if that does shit me. I’ve been known to get huffy and slam a door because I can’t convince him it’s my way or the highway…
  • He will, on the VERY ODD occasion, go to a Collingwood game with me if I’m desperate to go and I can’t find anyone to go with me. No big deal you say. Big deal. He hates Collingwood. As much as I hate big pretentious cars with private school stickers on them.
  • He drove every bit of the 9,000 kilometres for our 10 week road trip. Except the bits where the van wasn’t connected, then it was my turn. I know it’s because he’s not a fan of my driving but that’s a serious amount of driving right there. Some of those roads were narrow and scary, especially when those big road trains were looming towards us. Rather him than me.
  • Finally, his family. I love his big, loud, loving, all-embracing family. Sometimes they’re a bit too much for this little introvert, but I just love them. A lot.

So just know that if we ever break up, it’s not me who’s left, it’s him. Then I reserve the right to do another, not so loving, blog post!

When I was pregnant with Mitch, I bought Anth a watch so I could give it to him after the birth. The inscription says “Thanks for being ace and grouse” and those words still stand today.

A break after driving 9 hours

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4 Responses to The Thing About Anthony

  1. Awww very sweet! Go Anth LOL x
    (The kiss is for you, not Anth. Don’t look at me like that!)

  2. Kate says:

    What a great bloke Lisa. And good looking! x

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