Hug your children tight

Tonight I heard the most heartbreaking story via Twitter. It’s hit and miss on Twitter – you may log on in time to see 6,566,987 boring tweets about Q&A or you may log on and see a tweet from someone you don’t know, but may have had seen on there from time to time and had one or two interactions with. This was that time.

Basically, two parents have had to make a decision no parent ever dreams they’ll need to make. To turn off a ventilator. Their son is 18. He was out for a night to celebrate his birthday and was king hit. Unprovoked. Never saw it coming. So tonight two parents grieve for their son and the hospital staff must witness impalpable grief and try to stay professional at the same time. This is so fucking cruel, I feel sick.

Daph, my gorgeous mother-in-law, used to say to me years ago when I’d moan about motherhood “at least you know they’re tucked up safe in bed at night”. I used to think “oh FFS, that’s not what I want to hear” (sorry Daph!) because at the time the future looked 100 years away. But now, it’s creeping closer and closer and it bloody scares me. I hear stories like the one above and I just wonder how I’m going to get through those nights when they’re out. Especially with two boys, though I know parents with girls have the same fears.

The world can turn in a split second. Hug your children tight. xx


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One Response to Hug your children tight

  1. Good advice and sad story. It is easy to forget the bigger picture and to appreciate the little things.

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