This blogging thing

So I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 months now. Blogging is a funny thing because unless readers comment, you have no idea what your audience thinks. Recently I’ve been thinking about not continuing because sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself. I know I’m not because I do get some very thoughtful comments but on reflection, the reason why I started this blog was to get those random, jumbled thoughts out of my head onto paper so they were…err…out and not clogging my brain so much. Hasn’t worked, but it was a good idea at the time!

But in some small way, I imagine maybe someone will think “well shit, that happens to me” or “hmmm, I’ve thought that”. Most likely, however, people are probably saying “my god this woman is an over-sharer, I wish she’d shut up”!! Actually, that was just my brain saying that. Then I think, well they don’t have to read it. I often have these little conversations in my head. Am I alone in this?

Anyway, here’s a bit more on what my brain is saying:

  • Dark chocolate bullets make everything okay
  • I love tracksuit pants … so there
  • I’m not a big fan of hipster jeans – nor hipsters full stop
  • I’m a messy person
  • I’m mildly disorganised though I do manage to sign the 4,366 notices that come home with the boys from school each week – I mean year
  • G-strings are a blight on society. What is wrong with a visible panty line FFS and why did I just use the word panty – geez
  • Leaf blowers are also a blight on society – use a bloody broom
  • I’m disappointed that one of my kids said something hurtful to their grandmother on the weekend. More than disappointed, shattered, as I thought he knew better.
  • I swear. A lot.
  • The more someone is kind to you and treats you well, the more you want to do for them.
  • In relation to the point above – do not EVER take advantage of people like that
  • Electronic devices make my kids mental
  • When I see what single, unencumbered people are doing I feel very envious
  • I love watching my boys play team sport
  • I’m 45 on grand final day and I still manage not to dye my hair. Yeah, yeah I know the greys are coming through but I’m still traumatised from a botched highlights job which turned my brunette hair platinum blonde in Broome circa 1994
  • Speaking of Broome, I’d love to do a roadtrip to Broome. My last roadtrip to Broome ended in divorce but I’ve been much cleverer this time, I haven’t re-married
  • I miss Polly, Charlie, Lachie and Josh Clayton who moved back to Sydney early last year
  • I’m in awe of my old high school friend Michelle, who has managed not to inflict pain on her soon to be former husband who has treated her APPALLINGLY. I take my hat off to you Michelle; I see amazing things in the future for you free from him.
  • I think Julia Gillard has been all poise since taking over the leadership of the country despite what I may think of her policies
  • I’m not a big fan of snobs
  • I am one hundred percent in favour of increasing our refugee intake because if it was me who had fled the Taliban and arrived in Indonesia, where I would be jailed if I was found; I couldn’t work, and I couldn’t send my kids to school.  Where I would have to wait between 10 and 20 years before some country offered to resettle me.  But I had a chance of getting on a boat and heading for safety in Australia.  What would I do? I would get on that boat.
  • If I had enough money, I would pay someone to clean the house, plan our meals, cook said meals and clean up after
  • I’m lazy when it comes to domestic chores, though you’ve probably already guessed that
  • On that note, I’ll finish with my random thoughts.

I’d love to hear your random thoughts but given I’m talking to myself… 🙂

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20 Responses to This blogging thing

  1. Michaela says:

    I hear ya. I’m always talking to myself too. I know that contradiction – writing for yourself but still hoping SOMEONE out there is paying attention.

    You’re not alone 🙂


    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Michaela. Stats say I’m not alone, though they’re not massively high. It’s about engaging with others which I can be a bit slack in doing myself. I read blogs but don’t necessarily comment – especially with the ones that have a large amount of comments. x

  2. Bianca says:

    I love your blogs Lisa, I’m just not the best at commenting. Keep it up, it’s a great read. X

  3. Libbie says:

    Hey I agree with nearly all of your points. I hate the asylum situation only coz it has kept my partner at sea out of contact for 3/4 of the year….:-(
    Like you I over think – I dream if strangling my ex when he does the slightest wrong thing. Sometimes it overwhelms me and the fact I pay for and do everything for my child. I hate hipsters coz they created my muffin top – high waist jeans kept tummys flat for gods sake.! I love dark chocolate – and I love red wine. I think of how to change the world daily. Mostly I love reading your thoughts because I get you. So don’t stop – or if you do – just email me your blurbs!!!! pretty sure there’s a reason we got on so well at work!!!
    And when a child disappoints you – sometimes that’s worse than alot. You hope they learn from such mistakes.
    Love ya!

    • Lisa says:

      You’re ace Lib. Excuse me while I go out and buy a pair of high waist jeans. It’s the dark chocolate bullets damn it…

  4. Emma says:

    – talking about Polly, why do people go on the UK show ‘Embarassing Bodies’.
    – what is that scratching noise coming from my parents ceiling, we don’t have possums in England.
    – how shall I spend a day by myself in London tomorrow?
    – what mood will Gabi be in when she wakes up?
    – is it possible to give up sugar and still drink Coca Cola?!!!
    – is it possible that the Olympics will go by without a hitch. They really have fucked up their security.
    – why is everything sooooo cheap here?
    – for all my uk friends in Aus, the shops here are full of the winter clothes we have just had, does that make Aus fashion forward?!
    – the immigration policies into Aus need to be fine tuned but yes, I would be on that boat with you Lis.
    – will I ever enjoy running?
    – why can’t the 30km challenge be the first 30k and not the last.
    – how can I get stronger?
    – do my children know how much I love them?
    – how much galaxy chocolate should I bring back in my case?
    – how did I get such awesome friends?
    – will Oaks sell out like last year?
    – the name Mitchell Hall, makes my daughter smile!

    • Lisa says:

      Thought I’d answer your random thoughts:
      – Polly? Embarrassing bodies – obviously a conversation the two of you have had!
      – rats
      – shopping no doubt
      – she’ll be happy – just mention Mitch’s name.
      – no
      – yes
      – because it’s close to everything?
      – oh yes
      – we could cling to each other Em
      – no
      – slacker
      – weights
      – probably not, little ungrateful fuckers
      – heaps
      – cos you’re ace
      – definitely, though I’ll be in Byron
      – nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
      See you when you get back. xx

  5. Pol says:

    We miss you lots too lis!! By the way, I read all your blogs and I love them!! See you in a couple of weeks!! Keep on bloggin xxoo

  6. Liz Dowd says:

    – you can never have too much chocolate
    – why did I eat so much
    – I never knew there were so many embarrassing bodies. I really shouldn’t watch, no I can’t look away
    – I do have a cleaner and its the best thing I ever did AND I never clean before the cleaner
    – I must stop eating unhealthy food
    – god I love white chocolate
    – I need to learn how to relax
    – can you be too organised?
    – roadtrip to Broome would be great. Actually I am up for a road trip to anywhere.
    – who would be a politician and cop that crap everyday
    – did I mention I swear lots
    – why is that person wearing that
    – what will I have for dinner tonight, tomorrow, rest of the week
    – can’t stand VPLs and will wear a g-string if I have to but have discovered french knickers. Now to tackle the visible bra line
    – mess stresses me out
    – don’t see the point in leaf blowers it just moves them elsewhere?
    – I dye my hair OFTEN 😦
    – Yep I would be on the boat too
    – I never cease to be humbled by kind, generous people
    – farts make me laugh – always
    – why did I eat that?
    – how do you know if you are a good parent?
    – why is the world full of bogans?
    – stop driving slow in the fast lane

    And I could go on and on………

  7. Sally M says:

    Ah Lisa – I always read your blog and nearly never comment because I am fundamentally lazy. Also when I am thinking of a pithy comment some small person invariably comes up and distracts me with a random demand.

    So randomly:
    How does Emma Nicoll manage to only eat chocolate two days per week?
    Why don’t you get any credit for the things you didn’t buy and the food you didn’t eat?
    How can I get my Emma to eat vegetables and meat rather than maintaining her white only diet?
    Why does Julia Gillard get such bad press when our economy is the envy of the world?
    Why does bad shit keep happening to lovely people?
    Why does Hampton Primary insist on keeping bloody multi age classes at 5/6 level (dreading next year for my big girl)
    Why aren’t state schools funded properly so all children can get a decent education and even worse, how does one afford to put three children through private school and still have a full family life?
    Will I ever be able to go down stairs properly again?
    How can I achieve the mental quietness I used to get for about 5 minutes at the end of yoga now that I have a stuffed knee – sob!
    Who wouldn’t get on that boat to make a better life for their children? And where does the mythical queue start anyway?

    Keep blogging!


    • Lisa says:

      Seriously, these small people, they’re just want, want, want.
      Emma Nicholl is weird – 2 days a week? Weird.
      As for the other questions, I could go on forever and ever and may just have a 2 minute philosophical discussion with you in the playground. Yes, because that’s easy with no interruptions… xx

  8. Steph says:

    Hi Lisa, On many occasion I have written a response or comment to your blog in my head but just not actually put pen to paper so to speak. Having said that, I actually typed the fillowing response in my phones little notepad app a couple of days ago after your last blog and figured if ever you might like to hear it, now would be a good time. Even if only so you know that there are definitely people out there that you connect with, despite their (my) silence! So hear goes….
    Please don’t ever stop writing your blog. Sometimes I feel as though you’re reading my mind and writing a transcription of my weird crazy brain, but with way more eloquence and skill than I could ever achieve (assuming I were ever to have the courage to put pen to paper – which I won’t!). It’s uncanny how so much of what you write strikes a chord for me and on so many occasions you’ve made me feel ‘normal’ rather than the struggling, discontent, incompetent, inadequate mother/wife/friend/producer that feel I am a majority of the time. So thank you. And please don’t stop writing! Steph x

    • Lisa says:

      Awww Steph, thank you. Those are lovely words, they really are. Sometimes I hover over the Publish button thinking “gawd, people are going to think I’m nuts” but then I think “well stuff it” and I plunge right in there! Thanks again. xx

  9. Lisa, I love your blog and your voice. You have a unique perspective. I suck at commenting. I want to write something meaningful, and then I’m paralyzed with doubt and anxiety. What if my comment is lame? Do I just repeat what the same person said above me in a different way? Stupid anxiety. I wish I could just turn it off.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Jen. Doubt and anxiety are a thorn in our sides aren’t they? And you know, I doubt whether anyone reading a comment would ever think that it’s lame, we just put such unrealistic high expectations on ourselves and how could we ever reach them? I really like the Brene Brown TED talks on vulnerability, they really struck a chord. I’m not sure if you’ve seen them but worth watching. I may have cried. Ahem.

      PS – I love reading your blog too 🙂

      • I love that analogy of doubt and anxiety being a thorn in my side. That is exactly what it is. I love all of the comments that I get on my blog. I keep trying to readjust my expectations. I need to go back and watch Brene’s talk again. Thank you for the compliment. I am glad you enjoy it.

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