Being away from your kids

I’ve worked at home for nearly 10 years now. I started working from home for a couple of reasons: I was a bit bored after getting through the first 14 months of Mitch’s life and to supplement our income.

The kids are well and truly into primary school now and I still work from home. The reasons have changed a little now and go a little like this: they need me, it’s easier to cover 13 weeks of school holidays, flexibility, blah blah blah.

We lead a pretty simple life so the kids can have their mum around all the time and feel safe in their routine. This is what I had as a kid and so did Anth. There’s nothing wrong with leading a simplified life, it’s been very deliberate…but ten years on, I’m a little bored again.

Today I read a blog post by Katrina Chambers. Katrina was on The Block a couple of seasons ago, though I didn’t watch it. I think I came across her on Twitter. Anyway, part of the blog post was about going to New York with her husband and someone saying they could never leave their kids for that long. She also left them for 9 weeks while she was on The Block and they were fine. Here’s more of her words: If you don’t run with the opportunities and take life by the horns, you’ll miss out. Simple. Read the post here.

I love how she’s done this, while raising 3 boys. Gone out and pursued something she really wanted to do and made it happen. I mean we’re going to Sydney for two nights in August without the kids and it feels like it’s been a logistical nightmare. We’re still not sure what’s going to happen with our kids for the second night! (Anth, if you’re reading this, can you sort it?!)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been seriously thinking about getting out there again. Perhaps work in TV again – maybe for a run of show, so it’s an intense few months, then back at home again! Certainly not a 9-5 job in a bank. Yawn. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes or watch Masterchef…

Gazillions of mums are out there working full time so this is not entering a new frontier, I know that!!

But still I ask myself, what price would the kids (and the family as a whole) pay for my need to leave the cage after nearly 11 years?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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One Response to Being away from your kids

  1. MichaelaC says:

    Hi darling. Do what is best for you personally – a happy mummy is best for your family xxx

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