Fluctuating Moods

My mood changes from minute to minute day to day. Some minutes days I feel I can achieve anything and other minutes days everything gets to me…like:

The little hairs from Anth’s body which gather on the bathroom sink after he’s towelled himself dry, the same sink I cleaned the day before; the piss I clean from the back of the toilet because whoever it is decides they couldn’t be bothered LOOKING WHILE THEY PEE; the pile of washing that seems to appear the day after the boys have put their clothes away, despite my best efforts to get the kids to wear the same dirty clothes while playing footy in the backyard instead of diving for something new. And while I’m on that, the whinging that occurs when I (gasp!) ask them to put THEIR OWN CLOTHES AWAY.

The incessant asking to play Minecraft on the weekends. That nearly makes my head want to explode. Spongebob Squarepants (need I say more??). “I caaaaaaaan’t” and “I don’t like this fooooooood” and “NO” (28,456 times a day). The realisation while you’re having a quiet moment on the couch that you have to drag your sorry arse to the supermarket to get that one thing you forgot yesterday…

Then there’s the probably not that important in the scheme of things ‘big’ things. One minute day I’m going to get a full time job so we can afford a bit bigger house than the granny pad we live in because it’s starting to REALLY feel crowded with two small people growing bigger and the next minute day I’m struggling with the notion of being away from the house and not ‘there’ for my kids. I think these are generally called First World Problems or if you’re on Twitter #firstworldproblems

So, I’ve walked away from writing this post to sort stuff out: shopping lists, getting Dan to a party, consoling Mitch because he got a kick in the upper jaw while playing footy outside (in ANOTHER FUCKING LOT OF CLOTHES) and I idly pick up the Sunday mag and there’s this piece by Angela Mollard called Shiny, Happy People. The gist of the article is that she’s had a pretty crap week while in the midst of reading The Happiness Project for work. Her crap week was “…small stuff compared to people suffering real problems, and I’m not seeking sympathy. I’m telling you this because it’s normal to feel unhappy occasionally; metabolising sadness and disappointment is human. You simply have to live through it”.

BINGO. Sometimes I feel I’m going mad because some minutes days I’m great and others, not so great. But I simply have to live through it.



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One Response to Fluctuating Moods

  1. Some days are just crap like that aren’t they??!!! But you get to bed and you think – well tomorrow I get another go at doing it “my way” ! Groundhog day – we end up being the bad cop again. Growing up with 5 brothers I know that they are pretty annoying until about 18. So that’s when a magazine, a quiet bath or even a walk with loud music (in daylight) gets us out of a mood – even if its just for 5 minutes. I complain way more than you Lisa – but then I always get a reality check when i see the news at night or see other families who may have it all – but are the kids really smiling as much as ours??? X

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