A weekend recap

What Sydney didn’t look like for us

At last, our long awaited trip to Sydney for the City to Surf. Lots of sunshine to look forward to after a long few months of winter dullness, rain and cloud in Melbourne. Huh? What? It’s going to be cloudy, rainy and cold in Sydney????? Well geez, way to go Sydney…

Despite the fact the weather was completely miserable – no really, it was completely miserable – a good time was had by all.

It all started with the delivery of the boys to Mick ‘n Nic. I got a cursory see ya and a half-hearted hug from the boys and off I went doing an imaginary Toyota jump as I drove off.

Thing is though, I couldn’t get over-the-top excited because of my fear of flying. I just wanted to be there but the strong winds in Sydney were making me more nervous than usual. We took the Gathercole express to the airport – I felt the wind through my hair even though the windows were closed – and made it to the departure gate with 10 minutes to spare!

As Anth was already in Sydney, I sat next to the lovely Michelle and held on for dear life during the take-off. However the take-off and the actual flight were very smooth. We watched a hilarious episode of Modern Family and had a great chat about life and family. Until…

…the scary-arsed descent. Geezus! Bumpy as all hell and a dropping plane. Wouldn’t have thought they were my two favourite things. Even Michelle grabbed the chair in front of her and she’s a seasoned flyer. Obviously we made it (with a bloody big thud) but Fi tells me later that it was a very fast descent and she was wondering when the plane was going to slow down to land. Well, I guess it was when they put the brakes on…hard…AFTER we landed.

Anyhoo, we made it. We settled into our very nice apartments in Pitt Street; did a bit of shopping (at Woolworths, don’t get excited) and relaxing then Anth and I headed out to Olympic Park for the Swans v Collingwood match. It was So Cold. Freezing. We had about seven or so young Swan supporters sit in front of us. When I say young, I mean around 21. Cos for me, that’s young. They were already half cut and some of them were completely obnoxious and annoying. I kept saying stuff (which they couldn’t hear – I think that’s called being passive/aggressive) until Anth just flat out said “shut up Lisa!” Ha!

Pie supporters were not over-represented where we were sitting but we had the last laugh. One of the guys got up just after Beams kicked the sealer and huffed “12 fucking times, unbelievable” and stormed off. There’s something about winning a game where you’re pretty much on your own in the crowd. I’ve never really been in that situation. I was sooooo excited. Evidence ↓

So I may have been a little over-excited…

The City 2 Surf

We woke up to cold, blustery conditions but we were all feeling pretty good. Anth and I were the last to leave as we were in the second back group. We finally set off about 9.10am and got through the start line about 10 minutes later. I’ve probably done about six or so 10km runs and a half marathon but this was the hardest run of them all. The hills are a killer and I felt it took me ages to warm up. Anth left me for dead after about the 2km mark! There’s just so many people; you’re constantly ducking and weaving through walkers and then there’s Heartbreak Hill (it gets its own capital letters). It’s a killer. I thought it was going to be one steep hill that goes straight up. Nup. It’s one, big, mofo of a hill which winds around and just when you think you’ve conquered it, BANG, you turn a corner and IT’S STILL GOING. I didn’t stop, although I ran very, very slowly. I felt like I was the best runner in the world at the 11km mark where the course went on a gradual downhill slope for 2km but the last 1km was really hard…really hard. I was determined not to stop and walk but it took every effort. Anth was waiting for me at the finish line. He has done so well. Considering he took up running about four months ago, he’s already done a 10km run and this one. Not bad for a 47 year old.

Then the slooowww walk up to the buses where they ferry thousands of people to Bondi Junction to catch a train. As soon as we got back to the apartment, Anth cracked open a beer and ate 3 Tim Tams in quick succession! Well deserved. A quick shower and change and off to lunch with the rest of the crew. Lunch at China Doll in Woolloomoolloo (I will never get tired of spelling that suburb’s name) was superb and lots of fun but I fatigued after 3 hours, as did a few others, so we left those slightly younger than us to party on until 1.30am. I just don’t know how they did it. There may have been one or two green faces the next morning. Lookin’ at you Gathercoles.

The flight back was fine and such a relief to be home. None of us really missed our kids or even thought about them too much. It seemed like we were all ready for a break and our kids were ready for a break from us. I know ours had a fab time with their gorgeous cousins and uncles and aunties.

Thanks to Mick ‘n Nic and their beautiful daughters plus Julie, Garry, Erin, Ben and Matt for looking after our kids. We knew they were in great hands which allowed us to enjoy our time off even more.

Thanks to Rach and Horrie for being ace roomies (bad luck about missing out on a weeks worth of Brendon Julians Horrie – run faster next time!) And Michelle, Fi, Andrew, Shannah and Michael for being great company and a lot of fun to be around. And to the gorgeous Polly who made it to lunch. Lots of love to Charlie…we’ll see you in October on our next road trip.

Not sure I’ll be flying for a while though…and please don’t let me eat nearly a whole packet of dark chocolate bullets ever again. Blerch.

Ta dah

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2 Responses to A weekend recap

  1. I love the picture of you at the game. You are a true fan. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. A beer & Tim Tams sounds like the perfect reward after a race. I have a 5K this Saturday, and I think that beer and chocolate are the best way to celebrate finishing it.

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