And so it starts…

There’s a brand new phenomenon in this house – it’s called Touch and you can download it onto your iPod Touch or iPhone and you can ask others to join and then you’re able to free text/message them. Big deal right? Except it’s not me using it, it’s Mitch. And he’s obsessed. He gets to ‘text’ people all sorts of important random messages like “are you there?” Fifty times. Err, if they haven’t answered after the first time, it means they’re not there.

He doesn’t want me looking at the messages though. I get that, because for him it’s like a little, exciting secret society…but for me, I needs to know what’s being said. He’s only 10 so I’m worried about cyber-bullying even though they just spent the whole of term 2 focusing on cyber-bullying and we’ve had a brief chat about it. I’m worried that he doesn’t know everyone who is signed up (though he tells me he does) and that he’s not being a creepy stalker type dude who’s just messaging people willy-nilly. I just don’t think the words willy-nilly are used enough these days…

This is the kind of brush-off I’m getting!

So, those with kids older than mine, help! Do I just let him go and not check the messages and trust him, or do I do a sneaky look every now and then? And remember, he’s 10 – not 16. He’s still very much a child, no matter what he thinks. That probably answers my question.

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4 Responses to And so it starts…

  1. Sally says:

    Amelia (10) is on it too. The condition is I get to periodically check it. She has to explain who each and every friend is and I have made her delete the occasional older sibling of a friend so it is essentially just Grade 5s and 6s. One boy made the mistake of changing his name to Pe Nis and so he was instantly deleted. Amelia went to school the next day and told him I was checking up on it and he changed it immediately.

    • Lisa says:

      Nice one Sal. I think that’s more than reasonable. Excuse me while I check whether it was my son who was using that name…wouldn’t put it past him.

  2. Krystle_Sky says:

    I have never heard of Touch before today. I only have little kids but when they are old enough to use such things, I’ll be watching. I intend to focus on having discussions which will allow them to discuss issues that can arise with technology, ie bullying, and I will be monitoring what they’re doing and when. I guess these boundaries will be renegotiated as they get older.

    Given that your little man is only 10, I’d be trying to establish fairly strict boundaries, like what Sally has. Where they can use the program, but it has to be an open book, so to speak. You can always relax rules as they prove to be responsible, but from what I’ve seen it’s very difficult to regain control if they have no boundaries in the beginning.

    I’m not sure if this helps. Good luck!

    • Lisa says:

      All good now. He went through step by step who everyone was and I trawled through the messages and they’re harmless. Have told him that I’ll be monitoring it and that’s how it’s going to be!

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