A lesson learnt

I heard something recently that I haven’t been able to forget. It’s been chewing at my mind and it doesn’t help that I’m pre-mental. Seriously, what’s the point of menstruating when you’ve finished breeding – there should be an off-button that doesn’t involve menopause and the symptoms that come with it. Haven’t we been through enough??

I digress.

These past few years have taught me the value of money – better late than never huh? Before I had kids I pretty much pissed my money up against the wall and to think of the wastage makes me slightly sick and sometimes I actually groan out loud when I think of where I could be today. I had no forward thinking and this is utterly and entirely my fault. I know it’s the previous choices I’ve made plus the choices Anth and I have made together since having kids (me working from home to be around for the kids and the fluctuating income that brings) means that money can be quite scarce at times. Scarce in a middle class type of way. Our choices, no-one else’s and we live with it. Put it this way, it’s so middle class that we can’t afford a winter doona because we have electricity, water, phone, rates and car rego to pay – so, you know, we actually have a warm home that we can sort of call our own and a car. So we throw an extra blanket on the bed. Problem solved. I’ll pick up some extra work (anyone need a virtual PA?) and those bills will be paid.

Today, I read in The Age today that the state government is thinking of overhauling public housing which could mean higher rents for tenants, less security of tenure and many lives being uprooted.

The more I read about funding cuts to the most vulnerable – including English teaching aid to refugees which I heard about yesterday from a friend who works in that field, the more I shake my head at my own self-entitlement and that of others. I think kids of all ages can have a shocking sense of self-entitlement that comes with immaturity and being, you know, kids. I’m trying to gently drum it out of mine (using a barge pole works right?) but I don’t feel successful at it sometimes.

It’s everyone’s right to do with their money what they want and this is all good. Hell, go for it. You earnt it. This isn’t what I’m talking about.

But if you’re lucky enough to come into money somehow – other than earning it yourself, please spare a little thought for those less fortunate or ponder about how it can help you in the future and perhaps think “you know, I’ve been lucky enough to have this money fall into my lap, how can I use it wisely?” Or, failing that, can I have a winter doona please? 🙂

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