Dreams for my kids

I love this shot. Mid Autumn in Gisborne.

Ever wondered how your kids will turn out? I have. There’s the way you want them to turn out and then there’s the way they will turn out. Two diametrically opposed outcomes because I doubt whether any of us ended up how our parents dreamt we would.

This is what I dream about for mine: they’re empathic, sweet, honest, loving, kind, strong, communicative, have a deep sense of social justice and a sense of self without feeling they have to be something they’re not or don’t want to be. I want their partners to have the same love of adventure and peace that they will have – and not be moody biatches! Not have the need to stay in one spot and get caught up in the bubble of a hum drum life. Live somewhere or various places that will be aligned with their values. Yep it all sounds rather whimsical and romantic doesn’t it? Probably the life I’d like to be leading right now really.

What’ll probably happen? They’ll become lawyers.

That’s if they don’t kill each other first. ↓

In our second home

For the past few days we’ve had some men grinding the concrete level around all the units for health and safety reasons. We had no choice but to fork out a large sum of money through the body corporate to have this done. One day I came out and they were using both our outdoor taps. I straight away think “not only did we have to fork out huge bucks to have this done but now they’re using our water without asking and we have to pay for that too??” Then I think “just leave it Lis, they need water to do this, just chill, get over your fucking self, kids in the world starving you know”.

The next morning as we leave for school drop-off they’re using our water again, even though they’re now grinding concrete in front of a unit two doors away.  I may have been just a little pre-mental and perhaps not thinking as clearly as I would have liked. I march up to him and say “do you think you could share the load when it comes to using the water?” We have a ‘conversation’ and I’m about to walk off when Mitch (who’s 10) says to him “you’re doing a good job”.

Internally that stopped me in my tracks and I thought “what a little bloody beauty he is”. There’s empathy right there. Empathy for a man going about his business suddenly being ranted at by a pre-mental 40+ year old. And I think well there’s hope for my little man yet. Then later on that day I get the “whatevs” from him and I think “little shit” … but there’s signs!

Ever dreamt about how your kids would turn out?

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2 Responses to Dreams for my kids

  1. Mrsceeeceee says:

    Gorgeous kids. Great post. X

  2. Great post and lovely kids! Looks like they are doing pretty well so far. 🙂

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