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A blogging event

In a couple of weeks I’m attending this thing called ProBlogger Event. We’ve been given a bit of pre-event homework, like: Think about the Goals of your Blog. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Ummmmm. Goals have never been my strong point. Can we move … Continue reading

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Being cared for

I took a sickie on Wednesday. A real one. First one forever. I won’t ramble on about how mums don’t get a sick day, blah blah blah. Cos we don’t. Except I did. Anth just took over. He got up … Continue reading

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So, it’s RU OK Day

I have a thing about ‘Days’ – there’s plenty of them and they’re great because they raise awareness of whatever ‘Day’ it is. I have to admit though, they just sort of pass me by. Of all people, an RU … Continue reading

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I want…

Today I was reading a hilarious (and poignant) list of things the delightful Lexy at misslexywoo wants. I nodded sagely at “More cuddles off my other half that don’t necessarily lead to erections”. Yes I did. Check it out – she … Continue reading

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Being broken

There are days where I’m perfectly fine, normal and can conquer the world. And then there is yesterday. I was broken by the end of yesterday. So broken. I can’t think, I can’t handle the whinging, the noise, recalcitrant kids … Continue reading

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Where are the dads?

Rant begins. So I’m strolling into the school yesterday as all the buses are arriving back from the MCG Sports Museum tour. I had volunteered to go, as I do with most excursions (except those involving animals, yawn) but didn’t … Continue reading

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