I want…

Today I was reading a hilarious (and poignant) list of things the delightful Lexy at misslexywoo wants. I nodded sagely at “More cuddles off my other half that don’t necessarily lead to erections”. Yes I did. Check it out – she has a way with words that makes me actually picture what she writes about. That’s not to say I pictured an erection…I just meant…oh don’t worry about it…

In the same vein, the other day I was having a cuppa with a friend who was a little distressed at something which had occurred in her life and I asked her “if you could wave a magic wand, what would you do?” (Thanks Jen & Deb from The Service Spirit for that little gem.)

I love this question, because it forces us to really think about what we WOULD do if we could wave that magic wand – no limits. And, as Lexy states, “I am going to ignore the shame, push the guilt over being selfish away, snub the embarrassment over how petty I may be when others have real problems, blank the potential judgement that I may be shallow in asking for some stuff and mostly, stamp out the fear of asking.”

So here’s my magic wand list:

  • a week off, on my own, in a beautiful, tranquil setting near the beach to try and gain back some of my mojo

Actually, that’s it. That’s all I want right now. I wrote this really long, amazing list but in the end, a week off on my own is all I want at this moment. And not to have to write three pages of lists to make it happen. Just walk out the door.


If you could wave a magic wand, what would be the ONE thing you’d like to do?


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7 Responses to I want…

  1. Misslexywoo says:

    Love it!!! I was going to ask to join you but then I’d have ruined your one thing.
    Oh well!
    The just walking out the door thing I totally want! Great post!

    • Lisa B says:

      I’d totally love a weekend away with you and a few other blogging chicks we know. It’d be a HOOT! Pity we live in different countries! xx

  2. Krystle_Sky says:

    I’d settle for a weekend on my own. Not even somewhere exotic, just somewhere with no jobs, no expectations and a good bookshelf. I’d rate my chances about 1 000 000:1. We can dream though 🙂

    • Lisa B says:

      It will happen. After I wrote this post, a client and someone I consider the most generous, caring person offered me a beach shack to stay in. So I’m going for 4 days on my own after the school hols. Yay! Then off to Problogger event on the Friday/Saturday. I’ll be a new woman.

  3. jackiekatsianas says:

    Yes – a weekend absolutely completely alone, and just bring able to walk out the door!

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