Being cared for

Look Niki, I used a picture of a cute cat!!

I took a sickie on Wednesday. A real one. First one forever. I won’t ramble on about how mums don’t get a sick day, blah blah blah. Cos we don’t. Except I did.

Anth just took over. He got up with the kids who are self-sufficient now so they made their own brekky and packed their own lunch boxes and he bought the cheese and bacon rolls on the way to school. He drove to St Kilda to buy a red beret that Mitch needs for his school production, took it back to school where he got the thumbs up from Mitch’s lovely, young, blonde teacher (made his day!) and then came home in the early afternoon to do a bit of work and make up a batch of spag bog, then picked the kids up from school, took Dan to tennis lessons, chatted to the other mums, came home and gave the kids their dinner…

Meanwhile, I’d been awake since 4am with everything hurting. I couldn’t sleep after they left so I got up and PUT THE TELEVISION ON! Morning TV. I hadn’t seen morning TV in, well, maybe 8 years? And wouldn’t you know it, two ladies who I’ve sort of got to know on Twitter were on talking about autism. Yvette Vignando from and Benison O’Reilly who has co-authored an autism handbook. I thought what they had to say would have been incredibly helpful for parents but I felt it was rushed and the hosts talked over them a bit. I think Insight on SBS should have a show on autism (if it hasn’t already).

Anyhoo, I digress. I started feeling a bit tired so I went to bed and fell asleep. During the day! It was easier knowing I didn’t have to do school pick up, though I was feeling a little bit anxious about work. I did finally turn on the computer around 4pm to do a bit of work.

Thing is, I obviously couldn’t have done this without Anthony. He’s a bloody marvel and it was lucky it wasn’t a busy day for him because I know some days he’s on the road non-stop and it wouldn’t have been possible for him to help out. And I also know the day of complete rest really helped with my recovery and helped me manage Mitch who was home the next day feeling crook. Particularly the emotional aspect of it because he’s got these lumps in his neck he’s had for years – and we have had them checked before – but they’re so prominent at the moment I thought it best to get them checked again. The GP suggested (for ease of mind) we have an ultrasound on his neck. Even before we got to the doctor Mitch was so emotional and scared. Given I wasn’t particularly worried, his behaviour was unusual because he’s usually so robust. I may explore this a bit further when he’s feeling better. Needless to say, he’s fine and we were lucky we could get the ultrasound straight away. The lady doing the ultrasound was great at answering all of Mitch’s questions.

It’s highly likely I’ll hear this

I think the school holidays have come at a good time. While I’m not overly fond of them, I think the first couple of days we’ll take it fairly easy. Though I say that now, I’ll get back to you next Tuesday and let you know how that’s going…

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