A blogging event

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod from gaping void

In a couple of weeks I’m attending this thing called ProBlogger Event. We’ve been given a bit of pre-event homework, like:

  • Think about the Goals of your Blog.
    Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Ummmmm. Goals have never been my strong point. Can we move on…
  • Do a quick SWOT Analysis on Your Blog.
    Strengths – Hmmmm, certainly not the number of readers. I’m really great at spelling and grammar though.
    Weaknesses – The fact I have no skills in writing and half the time no-one understands where I’m coming from (could THAT be the reason for the low reader numbers???? I could be onto something here – it could be that it’s simply just shit!)
    Opportunities – Nope, got nothing.
    Threats – There are so many amazing real life writers who are much more eloquent than I am.
    It says in the ‘homework’ notes: why not involve your readers in the process? Ask them how they think your blog is going, what you’re doing well and need to improve on and for any ideas on what they’d like to see added. Nice sentiment, but that would be implying that they care!
  • Create a list of questions you want answered/problems you want to solve at PBEvent.
    Given there’s so many seriously great bloggers and stuff out there, why am I doing this?
  • Get to know some other attendees now
    Oh look!! I’ve done this. Phew.
  • Blog your heart out!
    I would, except I got nothin’

It would seem I’m stuffed then really. Perhaps it’s not only the readers who don’t care…

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4 Responses to A blogging event

  1. MichaelaC says:

    Oh love don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Just go, enjoy it and take whatever it teaches you. This is only my second. My first ended up being about meeting other bloggers. If that’s all you do then it’s a WIN. Relax xxxx

  2. Great post! I wish I was heading to PB there are so many great writers going to be there. Even just to be a wallflower! I’m sure you’ll love it though and meet some beautiful people x

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