The disorganised housewife

Here I am in our little house on wheels, pretending I know how to light the stovetop. This was one of two times I cooked on our road trip. Note dishes on the sink and unmade bed in the background. Clearly, I was too busy lying on the beach.

For starters, I don’t live in a house and I’m not a wife but I am disorganised. Here’s some examples:

  • There is no meal plan
  • There can be times, like tonight, where I will go to bed with the dishes still on the sink. I know, disgusting right?
  • I never, ever, ever make my bed, ever – I simply just don’t care enough
  • The kids beds are never made
  • The lounge room is often messy and I have no qualms about going to bed with it looking like a bombsite because it will get cleaned the next day…or the next
  • My office is a combination of, well, my office, dumping room, drying room and somewhere the kids hide because the wireless is strong (must look into that wireless situation) and there may be mugs and empty glasses sitting on my desk for a couple of days
  • The floors are rarely mopped though I have to confess to vacuuming just about every day
  • Clothes will sit on the drying racks for days during winter and if we need anything, we just pluck the clothes from there
  • Speaking of clothes, the dirty clothes the kids leave on the floor in the hallway also may sit in the hallway for a day or two depending on how busy I am work wise. Yes, I should teach them where the laundry basket is. Should, should, should, should, blah blah blah blah
  • Anth does his own washing and he is FAR MORE organised than I am – as I write this, I can hear him cleaning the kitchen. Bless. Oh stop feeling sorry for him, I like sport, what more could a man want…

Basically I’m the opposite of OCD; I believe it’s called L.A.Z.Y. I would rather read or simply relax – it’s how I recharge. I am, however, known to be over-the-top fussy about how clean the dishes and cutlery should be…so even if the floor isn’t pristine, you know what you’re eating off is…

Please tell me there’s someone else out there like this??


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4 Responses to The disorganised housewife

  1. JackieK_ says:

    Yes there is! It’s meeee!
    I am EXACTLY the same – all your bullet points are my way too. And yes it’s because I need to read/learn/recharge in my “spare” time.

  2. Loreena says:

    OMG! I totally thought you were describing me in your post, so do not worry 🙂

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