“We’re on a road to nowhere…” No really, we were on a road to nowhere. This is what we saw for days crossing the Nullarboring…

We live for our holidays, our roadtrips. They’re not for everyone – some people could think of nothing worse than camping (or in our case, glamping) but I love the freedom, the lack of structure and after-school activities. I wrote about it on the last night of our 10 week roadtrip here. With the boys the age that they are, it’s important to us that the four of us experience these types of adventures together – even if I do get a bit greyer each time we have to spend 24/7 time together for any length of time!

This one is a full on tourist fest to begin with as we’ll start at the Gold Coast doing the whole theme parks thing. We’ll definitely get to the Gold Coast hinterland which is stunning and then after a little stop at a spot called Hastings Point, Anth and the boys will be dropping me off in Byron Bay so I can spend five days on what will be an amazing meditation retreat. The retreat is not all about ohming, it’s about connecting with creativity.

Here’s a bit of the blurb:

Through meditation, yoga, qigong and a handful of creativity workshops you will unwind, enjoy the peace of nature and begin to explore why creativity is such an essential part of our lives.


It’s Mitch’s 11th birthday the day after the retreat, so we’ll celebrate it in Byron Bay with me all zen and stuff(!) and then start the long trek back home. At least it’s not across the Nullarbor!

So, for the next 3 weeks I hope you can join us on our small roadtrip. When we get home, we get to enjoy the lead up to Christmas – something we missed last year while sunning ourselves here. ↓ Yes, it was tough…

Lucky Bay at Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance in Western Australia. Magic.

Of course the boys will be hoping for a bit of this… ↓

Mmm icecream. This was at the Toffee Factory in Denmark (not the European one) in WA.

… which I’ve no doubt will happen!

Do you like roadtripping or would you prefer planes and resorts (which, I might add, I wouldn’t sneeze at)?

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3 Responses to Roadtripping

  1. MichaelaC says:

    I’m so jealous of your retreat! It sounds amazing.

    You can keep camping though. Too many hideous childhood memories!

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