The Gold Coast

The dudes in the spa where we’re staying

Well, here we are at the Gold Coast. This will be a brief update because I’m not feeling creative – writing wise – at the moment.

Yesterday we made it to Movie World arriving before it opened though there weren’t that many people there. It’s amazing how many slack-arses like us take their kids out of school! The morning started with the Superman rollercoaster ride for Mitch and Anth. Scared the bejeezus out of both of them! Dan and I just watched with Dan haranguing me for food from the get-go. Anth and the boys then went on the Road Runner roller-coaster a few times. Anth and Mitch went to go on the Green Lantern but Mitch couldn’t be convinced to do it, so Anth did it on his own. Can I say at this point that I hate roller-coaster rides. I can’t hack going forward fast, it makes me feel sick and out of control. Even sometimes in the car when Anth is driving fast my teeth clench.

The Road Runner roller coaster – Anth holding Dan’s head at the front!

So, bearing this in mind, the kids and Anth went on the Scooby Do ride. Sounds innocuous right? Nup. Anth came out saying that I’d love it and if I was going to go on any ride, this is the one. I thought it’d be something like the ghost train at Luna Park. WRONG. Mitch came with me (reluctantly) and was giving me a running commentary about what was about to happen. It was awful. So awful and I came out of it vowing never to put out ever again. I was shaking and teary and couldn’t believe Anth would think I’d enjoy that. Dan had been so looking forward to going on that ride but decided once was enough and he didn’t go on any roller-coaster rides again. He’s his mother’s son.

Wild West Ride – Not sure Mitch (at the front, is enjoying it that much)

Apart from that it really was a great day and the kids loved it.

We arrived back exhausted, had a barbeque dinner and then I started feeling really sick. I won’t go into gory details but I threw up all night (behind the van, there was no-one around us) and during one of them, Mitch also threw up – IN THE TINY WEENY SINK OF THE JAYCO SWAN. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Poor old Anth had to push all the bits down the tiny hole – which didn’t work, so he had to disconnect the hose. So disgusting. During the night Mitch again didn’t make it outside. It was gross and smelly and Anth again (after about 15 beers!) had to do the pushing bits down the plug hole thing again. It was then and there that I decided he was totally forgiven for the Scooby Do ride. He really is my hero (99% of the time).

Quiet day today. I slept a bit of it and lay down the rest! The boys played in the pool but it all got the better of Mitch in the end and he had an afternoon nap.

So our trip to Seaworld has been pushed back til Friday. Tomorrow we head to Wet n Wild which should be a hoot.

Until next time…

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7 Responses to The Gold Coast

  1. Saint Anth. I don’t think even TS would poke sick lumps down the sink…

  2. tildavirtual says:

    My hubby is the vomit king too because I sympathy vomit. I only have to hear it or smell it and I chuck my guts too! Linc has an ironcast stomach and has never chucked in the 18 year’s I’ve known him!!!

  3. Alison says:

    OMG the Scooby Doo… I should have warned you Lisa. Poor, poor Darcey and I went on it – first ride of the day at Movie World. I too thought it’d be just like the ghost train at Luna Park – I assured Darcey it would and that we’d laugh and have so much fun. She was crying and shaking after about 15seconds… and that wasn’t the scary bit. As the cart we were in was making it’s way up in the elevator bit all I could do was cradle her head and tell her how sorry I was. Poor poor Darcey!! On the other hand the Sea Viper at SeaWorld is fab… the jet skis too but they’re very fast – don’t let go!! Have fun, rest and stop throwing up! Al

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