The words meditation retreat bring out different responses depending on who you’re talking to. Some say “oh you’re so lucky…” while thinking “you’re so lucky”. Others say “you’re so lucky…” while thinking “what a load of hippy shit…” And others say “sounds wonderful…” while thinking “geez, couldn’t think of anything worse than meditating the whole time AND no alcohol.”

Whatever your response, I’m immersed in the second full day of the retreat and I’m feelin’ lucky in an I’m lucky and lovin’ it kind of way.

Fifteen women from Victoria, NSW and Queensland have gathered here at Sangsurya Retreat in Byron Bay for their own reasons. And whatever those reasons are, they’re perfectly valid.

Me, well this is the third year my beautiful client Kate James has run this retreat in Byron and for every year prior I’ve been booking people in and hearing the most incredible feedback. It has always been my intention to come here one day.

The words “me time” can be a little cliched and sound a bit wanky but a very strong reason for coming here was for just that. My life isn’t difficult, it’s not particularly stressful though I seem to have a knack of feeling more uptight than I should (I know, who woulda guessed huh?) but the day to day grind can take its toll, whether you’re a parent or not. Five days of being completely cared for, the most amazingly scrumptious healthy meals I have ever eaten, massages, daily meditation, qigong, creativity exercises, free time to just be and pretty much no responsibility makes for a rather relaxed Lisa!


There’s been tears, laughter, fun, joy and a sense of being in this together that is really poignant. We spend so much of our lives heads down and bum up without any time to reflect, truly reflect. In fact it’s scary to truly reflect because we might not like how it is for us, so it’s easier to eat chocolate excessively (ahem) or whatever it is that is not particularly healthy, to numb the discontent.

But we can only change things from our perspective – how we view and interact with the world; whether it be a shift in attitude, being more mindful, taking time to stop (without the guilt) and find joy in our everyday lives. These sound simple but I’ve been doing none of it and have twisted myself into knots.

We’re here til after lunch on Wednesday but at the moment I’m feeling rested and my mind is clearing. And as for those of you who think I’m ohming for hours on end, I’ve not chanted once! We do 20 minutes first thing, 20 minutes at 4pm and a short meditation at the end of the day. Ohm…


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2 Responses to Retreats

  1. I’m so coming next year x

  2. rasb2 says:

    that looks yummy…

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