8 Tips to Better Enjoy the Festive Season


My first guest post is from coach (and friend!), Shannah Kennedy of Shannah Kennedy Coaching. Shannah shares her tips on how to enjoy the festive season without burning out…

I hear all the time that people are stressed at the moment, burnt out, tired, emotional, over it all, when it is supposed to be a time of celebration and joy. I am determined to make it great and here are some of my tips that I apply each year at this time, so I can enjoy the festive season.

  1. I use my diary to seriously write everything down
  2. I keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate anything
  3. I say no to roughly 30% of people who say we must catch up before Christmas – as there is January you know!
  4. I book in some nice catch ups in January now, so I don’t feel like I am being a Grinch
  5. I book a massage for the week before Christmas
  6. I book a date night with my husband in December to just sit and have a peaceful dinner with him
  7. I commit to being organised every night for the next day – anything to limit feeling out of control
  8. My biggest tip is to just be in the moment, no matter how busy we are. Breathe. Breathe, Breathe.

This year, for the whole year, I have committed fully to number 8. I have had a massive year, a great year, lots of challenges and rewards, however I have really committed to living mindfully and this has changed my life. I smell things, (you know that crazy soap you bought that cost you maybe way too much), I actually take a moment to make the lather and smell it, rather than blindly just use it. I taste my cup of tea, I breathe giant breaths that make me feel in control.  I committed to doing the basics, but doing them well. Eating well (80% of the time), sleeping properly and drinking a lot of water. Not thinking about it but actually doing it. If we do the basics, and do them well and consistently, life is great.
So for the festive season:

  • Maybe don’t be the last to leave a function
  • Maybe don’t taste test everything, but just a few things as then you won’t feel shocking when you get home from over-eating
  • When you go to the toilet – take a 2 minute holiday – just sit there – why rush? And take a few deep breaths and get yourself in control
  • Slow your speech down a little, and you will feel in control

Merry, breathe, Xmas.

Shannah rsss-book-covereleased a book this year Simplify, Structure, Succeed. You can buy the book here. It would make a great Christmas pressie.

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