I Am No-one

Sandy Point

Sandy Point

We just had the most fabulous long weekend away with some good friends. Except we only see them once or twice a year…when we go away for said fabulous weekends. It consists of the surf beach, lack of structure, fresh air, great company, food, tennis watching, barely any signal to check Twitter and Facebook and five noisy, loving, amazing boys who have completely different personalities.

Sandy Point

Sandy Point

Did I mention the beach? It gets me every time, particularly the surf beach. I rarely swim in it but I could watch it for HOURS, lost in a maze of thoughts that are way too jumbled to articulate.

My mind is never clear. Ever. But spending time away from the electronic world is always refreshing. With these friends you can hang together or you can nick off and have a lie down. Their shack is very plain and there are no airs, graces or pretences. There is nothing new: the bowls and plates are chipped, the towels are old, nothing really matches yet it is bloody brilliant and so relaxing and I love it so hard. I can relate to chipped bowls and plates and nothing matching. Kind of reminds me of my own brain.

Then I return home and of course it’s all still the same, nothing’s changed…yet I know it’s up to me to make change and all that palaver. Boring huh? I wish it’d kind of happen without effort! So because I can’t be arsed writing misery guts blogs any further, this’ll be my last one for a while or forever. I read some brilliant blogs but every time I do, I feel worse. Stupid really. Twitter also has a way of making me feel a bit blah. I love that people are fighting the good fight but I also hate it. I’m one of those flighty people who wishes everyone would just get along, be less judgemental and embrace the chipped plates and bowls.

My 2 little blokes on the left and the big bloke on the right

My 2 little blokes on the left and the big bloke on the right

So, it’s time for me to put some effort into proper connections with real live people who can be bothered spending time with me because that’s what I love the most. Writing blog posts takes up too much of my time because I’m not a natural and while it’s nice to get it out of my head onto ‘paper’, it’s just not feeling quite right and I should be, you know, spending time with my own family!

It’s the last day of the school holidays. I baked a tea cake and have just had afternoon tea with the boys. Fuck I love them and I’m going to miss their company when they go back to school tomorrow. Yes, I said that.

Thank you dear readers, all 10 of you. Ciao.



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3 Responses to I Am No-one

  1. Lisa I love your blogs because you speak from my mind too. I think that you should keep writing but write in a journal or start a book that one day your boys can read. Most of your blogs relate to motherhood, Anthony or the boys and your travels….what a wonderful gift for them to have when they are older. Who knows it may be a published treasure one day. I too am going to hate tomorrow when Jack returns to school and I know I’ll miss him heaps. Can’t believe how many say they can’t wait for the kids to go back to school. I’d love to be on a beach with my boy the rest of my life!! Yes we have our cat fights, squabbles and the best part is we then laugh our heads off because aside from being mother and son we are buddies.
    Thanks for the blogs – but at least keep the stories going – just for the Hall gang you look after xx L

  2. I’ll miss your posts Lisa. You are certainly ‘someone’ to me – a dear friend, an amazing support at work and an insightful and gifted writer. I totally understand you wanting to take a break though. Thanks for sharing from a place of ‘wholeheartedness’ (as Brene would say).

  3. Michaela C (@FiveFrogsBlog) says:

    I love your posts, so I’ll miss you on here. But… more excuses for coffee/hot chocolate by the beach I reckon! xxxx

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