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I Am No-one

We just had the most fabulous long weekend away with some good friends. Except we only see them once or twice a year…when we go away for said fabulous weekends. It consists of the surf beach, lack of structure, fresh … Continue reading

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Why I blog

At first I thought I blogged because I needed to be rid of the mass of swirling thoughts inside my head. That’s still the case, though if only you knew the half of what was going on in there! Of … Continue reading

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Whimsical reflections Problogger Event Day 2

Today started with a wardrobe malfunction, a crazy lady driver who went through not one but two red lights and a workman very quickly walking out near the road with the SLOW sign when he saw said crazy lady driver … Continue reading

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Whimsical reflections of Problogger Day 1

Not sure where to start really? First blogging event and all that. Initial thoughts of “what am I doing with my blog and why am I even going” gave way to “could get some ideas and let’s get there”. So … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and blogging

I have a crush on author and researcher Brené Brown and have written about her before here. I’m reading Brown’s latest book, Daring Greatly. There is sooooo much I want to write about the book and I haven’t even finished … Continue reading

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A blogging event

In a couple of weeks I’m attending this thing called ProBlogger Event. We’ve been given a bit of pre-event homework, like: Think about the Goals of your Blog. Okaaaaaaaaaaay. Ummmmm. Goals have never been my strong point. Can we move … Continue reading

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My dad

I should be getting ready for Snack Shack duty at the school but I just had a phone conversation with my dad, which prompted this blog post. That happens you know. You have no thoughts, nothing to give and then … Continue reading

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