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Lazy, hazy, crazy dayz of summer

Everywhere I go I hear “oh I can’t wait for the school holidays, no more making lunches/homework/drop offs/pick ups/after school activities/lunches… And I say “oh yes I know, I can’t wait either”. Confession time: Yes I can so wait. If … Continue reading

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Lost mojo

Can the person who stole my mojo flip it back this way? Cos I’ve got nothin’. So in lieu of actually saying something meaningful, here’s a recap of the past couple of weeks: some fuckers hacked into my bank account … Continue reading

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Being cared for

I took a sickie on Wednesday. A real one. First one forever. I won’t ramble on about how mums don’t get a sick day, blah blah blah. Cos we don’t. Except I did. Anth just took over. He got up … Continue reading

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Remaining calm

I have a real blockage when it comes to remaining calm with my children – actually I have a lot of blockages but this is the biggie. So it’s school holidays and mostly we’ve done really well and it’s been … Continue reading

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