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Lazy, hazy, crazy dayz of summer

Everywhere I go I hear “oh I can’t wait for the school holidays, no more making lunches/homework/drop offs/pick ups/after school activities/lunches… And I say “oh yes I know, I can’t wait either”. Confession time: Yes I can so wait. If … Continue reading

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My 6 Steps to Recovery from PND

Following on from my last post about my experience with PND, I thought I’d write about what worked for me in my recovery – short and long term. Talking. I belonged to a mother’s group – not a particularly close … Continue reading

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It’s #bePNDaware week

This week is postnatal depression awareness week. I won’t bang on about stats, suffice to say there’s more women and men who suffer some sort of perinatal (post or antenatal) depression than you would think. I know I did. It’s … Continue reading

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Yesterday I went to an info session on anxiety at PANDA which was presented by Dr Renée Miller. Anxiety seems to be rearing its ugly head all around me at the moment. I’ve read a number of posts from attendees … Continue reading

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Being cared for

I took a sickie on Wednesday. A real one. First one forever. I won’t ramble on about how mums don’t get a sick day, blah blah blah. Cos we don’t. Except I did. Anth just took over. He got up … Continue reading

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Being broken

There are days where I’m perfectly fine, normal and can conquer the world. And then there is yesterday. I was broken by the end of yesterday. So broken. I can’t think, I can’t handle the whinging, the noise, recalcitrant kids … Continue reading

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Where are the dads?

Rant begins. So I’m strolling into the school yesterday as all the buses are arriving back from the MCG Sports Museum tour. I had volunteered to go, as I do with most excursions (except those involving animals, yawn) but didn’t … Continue reading

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